Photo taken by 2001 Greg Williams

 Patrolled Beaches & Safe Swimming
 Patrolled Beach    Parking
 BBQ Area  Play Area
 Toilets   Close to Shops
 Shower  Away from Ocean  
Note: To confirm exact dates of beach patrols, please phone Coffs Harbour City Council on (02) 6648 4000 or 
Council Lifeguard services on (02) 6648 4681.
 Surf Safety
  If you never been in the surf before or are not sure of what to do, ask a lifeguard or lifesaver. They have knowledge and experience and can advise you on how to maximise safety. Whenever swimming, always watch for the next wave. 
Do not stay in until you are exhausted, and
SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. Don't rely on a float for your safety. You may be knocked off, out of your depth. 
Kellogg's Hot Surf Tips Please click here for a link to the cool Kellogg's surf lifesaving page for further surf safety, resuscitation tips, body surfing lessons and other great things to know about surf safety.
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