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The Extreme Team Training Centre is designed with a military style atmosphere. It houses an army orientated obstacle course and camp site set in natural bush land.

The centre offers a number of challenging and fun corporate and team training courses. The courses are designed to provide participants with challenging but achievable goal oriented activities, which build confidence, team spirit, self reliance and provide motivation all in a monitored and controlled environment.

The whole emphasis is on team work and communication at the same time having some good old fashioned fun.

The Trainers
Scott Seccombe Senior Instructor

Has served with the Australian Army for 9 years holding the position of section Commander, Troop Sergeant & Instructor plus completing several Military courses in Malaysia, England Canada and Bosnia (operational). During this time he has also gained diplomas in Business Management and Corporate Directing.

Dallas Evans Instructor

Has served in the Australian Army for 11 years, holding various positions including that of Section Commander, Troop Sergeant & Instructor. He has served in Malaysia, England and Falklands. During his Military Service he has completed several courses in 

Alan Scott Assistant Instructor
He has been employed in the printing industry for the past 18 years 
and held Leadership and Management positions. He has recently joined 
the team and is a valuable asset at the centre.

Theresa Costello Medical
She has served as a Medic in the Army Reserve for 7 years and has worked for several large Sydney hospitals as a Registered Nurse. We value her experience and expertise at the centre

The Benefits
On a personal level
Achievable challenges
A chance to do something special
Stress relief
Enhanced self confidence & self reliance
Better communication skills

On a company level
Team Cohesion
Command Line communication skills
Increased productivity
Happy and motivated staff
Tax credits are claimed under GST
All courses are tax deductible under staff training

On completion of the course participants receive:
An achievement Certificate
An Extreme Team Polo Shirt.
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