Coffs City Skydivers

Aviation Drive (Off Hogbin Drive)
Coffs Harbour Airport
Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia 2450
Ph: (02) 6653 2067

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Coffs City Skydivers

Coffs City Skydivers, world and Australian record holders highly skilled, fully qualified and experienced skydivers who seek to share this unique and exhilarating adventure sport. We offer a range of skydiving options to suit the beginner right through to full instructors certificates

Tandem skydiving is the fastest, easiest and SAFEST way to experience the thrill and exhilaration of a freefall skydive. Attached to a TANDEM MASTER, who is an experienced instructor, via your own harness system, you will experience the amazing sensations that accompany freefall without the responsibility of opening your own parachute.
Jump from 14,000 feet, freefall for up to 70 seconds with highly experienced instructors to guide you through the most thrilling sport known to man. 
Take your first jump with you on DVD.
So remember to smile for the camera!
We also offer a first jump course called Accelerated Freefall (AFF).
All courses cover Skydiving and Parachuting techniques and procedures. 
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