Indoor Rock Climbing

Link Indoor Leisure Centre
600B, Hogbin Drive
Toormina NSW Australia 2452
(02) 6658 7188

What you will get out of indoor rock climbing?

A great all round physical workout especially in gaining forearm strength and balance. 
Increased agility, flexibility and manoeuvrability. 
Building self confidence in your ability to overcome fears and anxieties. 
Mind over matter - climbing involves thinking ahead and planning your movements. 
Keeping a cool head in a distracting situations and gaining focus. 
Learning to trust in your climbing partner, holding the safety rope. 
Taking responsibility for the safety and well being of your partner. 
Learning the basic technical skills as a stepping stone to progressing into outdoor climbing.

Fun and excitement for all ages
Group discount (8 + climbers)
Birthday parties (6 + climbers)
Family discounts (4 + climbers)
Special school, youth group and kids club rates
Indoor and outdoor packages
Gear shop and snack bar
Climbing competition and outdoors
Conference groups.

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