Pet Porpoise Pool

Orlando Street
Coffs Harbour NSW, 2450

Ph: (02) 6659 1900

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Calamity with ball in mouth

Ever had the desire to cuddle a sea lion, shake hands with a dolphin, or just be overwhelmed by the many talents our close marine relatives have?

Well, your chance exists at Coffs Harbour's popular oceanarium, the Pet Porpoise Pool.

The dolphins pop up from the water to tail walk, somersault, dive through hoops, play football, as well as a number of special feats such as dancing the twist, while singing in porpoise language, also taking small fish from the more adventurous tourists willing to hold such a morsel high over the pool from a spring board.

Shows times vary through out the year, please contact Pet Porpoise Pool on (02) 6659 1900 for current show times or visit the website

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