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Lee Winkler’s After Surf School Squad is the ultimate way to give your children the understanding and respect of the ocean while enjoying themselves at the same time.
They will learn skills that only Lee can provide here in Coffs Harbour.
Lee Winkler was born & bred in Coffs Harbour and has been surfing for over 20 years, with 10 of those years as a World Professional Surfer, reaching the elite World Championship Tour (WCT) surfing against the likes of Kelly Slater, Andy Irons & Mark Occhilupo to name a few.
Lee has reached 17th place in the World and will share everything he knows about how to surf while at the same time, being safe and respecting the ocean. They will walk away with much more knowledge while having experienced plenty of new skills which they can take away forever.
“If you want to learn from the Best you have come to the right place. If I were just starting out knowing what I know I would definitely have lee give me some pointers”
Quote, Kelly Slater (7 times World Surfing Champ).
Lee & his team put safety first! All instructors are qualified in their Senior First Aid, OSSCA and level 1 coaching certificates. Plus Lee’s instructors are also qualified Life Guards on our local beaches and well as being very strong Surfers themselves.
This is also a healthy way to socialize after school and to maybe even meet new people that your children can go surfing with!
Lee Winkler’s After Surf School Squad is the Ultimate Surf Squad to be apart of if you want to learn the best skills possible, here in Coffs Harbour.
This is a rare opportunity for your children to learn from a World Professional Surfer, you never know where it may take them! 

*Surf Safety & Surf Etiquette
*How to read conditions & rips
*Learn about your surfing equipment
*How to stand up & have board control
*Crossing the Wave
*Learning how to turn
*Further skills, depending on your level/progress
What we supply:
*The most elite Surf Safety equipment supplied

The latest and safest boards are used for all beginner to intermediate lesson (Softsafe surfboards) approved by Surfing Australia. Plus the best leg ropes, Longsleeve rash Vests and other hardware, plus get in the shade with Shaded tents and sunscreen supplied.

Lee has the upmost respect for the ocean and always puts safety first. All instructors are senior first aid qualified and are OSSCA accredited ocean surf safety coaches plus all have their Level 1 surfing Australia coaching certificate

We will have you addicted to surfing with lessons for all levels, get tips to stand up through to carving big turn competition surfing, also get equipment purchasing tips. 
Also available is in-depth coaching one on one to really help with improving everyday surfing or serious competition surfing all with optional Video analysis 
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